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We’re off to the forest!

Author: Andrea Ure
Year: Adventure

It’s that time again, a time to have fun
We’re off to explore, why don’t you come?
Our suits are all on and our wellies are too
We’re off to the forest, what is there to do?

With everyone lined up, they lead us on our way
We stroll down the path at the start of our day!
We’re all in our line with our back packs prepared,
We’re off to the forest, no need to be scared!

Through puddles and mud we squelch our way there,
What could we see? Perhaps a big bear?
No! Don’t be silly, there won’t be a bear
We’re off to the forest, we can’t wait to share!

We get to the forest with all of our friends,
Oh my, we don’t want this adventure to end!
Don’t worry though it’s just the beginning,
As long as we don’t use the puddles for swimming!

We look all around and chose where to go,
We take out our tarpaulin and lay it on the floor!
We’ve now made our base camp and look up to the sky,
Will it pour down with rain or will it stay dry?

No need to worry for a wee bit of rain
We’ve got lots in our kit for building a den!
Hammers and pegs and long bungee cords,
One thing for sure, we will never get bored!

The leaves that surround us lay all over the ground,
If you listen very carefully you’ll hear their wonderful sound!
They crack and they crunch as we explore in our forest,
The trees that they’ve come from are by far the tallest!

They tower above us with branches galore!
“Oh look”, we all shout, something else to explore!
We find the best tree that we all can climb,
We really all are having the most wonderful time!

Up up we go, as far as we can
Climbing so high, gripped with our hands.
We get to a point and scream, “help me down!”
Then jump off the tree and our feet touch the ground!

We take out our back pack to see what is there,
There’s paper and pens and a mat for a chair!
There’s tweezers and jars and what looks like a slug,
Of course, we’re in the forest, lets look for bugs!

Down on our knees, we set out to explore,
We turn over rocks, to look for some more!
Caterpillars, spiders and wee creepy crawlies
We hope some of them don’t end up in our wellies!!

The forest is great and full of great things,
Another look round, “I know, lets make a swing”!
A rope and a log is all that we need,
Swing back and forth, bending our knees.

The next thing to do is start up our fire,
We get out our bowl, and watch the flames grow higher!
Marshmallows and pancakes we have here to eat,
Toasted on the fire, but remember, stand back from the heat!

Drawing a leaf and rubbing the bark,
We really can’t wait until we can come back!
So first thing tomorrow, we will gather our friends,
Our next adventure awaits, we’re off to the forest all over again!