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Treasures Fae The Ebb

Author: Ingrid Grieve
Year: Adventure

Bits o driftwid
bonny stones
sea gless green and blue
shells aal shapes and colours
a grottie buckie too

a bottle top
a seabirds skull
a rusty owld padlock
a piece o Sunday china
wedged atween the rocks

a scarrimans heed
in shellmaleens
o purple pink and blue
waashed up ware o reds, greens, golds
a myriad o hues

a selkies heid
abune the waves
ancient folklore eyes
a glisk o light
oot in the haaf
fae a glettan late voar sky

whitemas, kittos
glide kithy winds wae glee
singan high pitched seasalt shanties
tae the bass runge o the sea

the whisper
o the marram
as it dances on the dune
the seaspray scatter on the rock
the gousters whistlan tune

the crashan waves
the shore birds song
the wind percussion sand
a cacophony o music
fae the shoreside skiffle band