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The Walls are Closing In!

Author: Melody Dragon
Year: Adventure

How do you do it?
I cannae stand it.
The walls are closing in!
It's stressing me too much.
I need to get out,

That's it, I'm going.
I've got my trainers and coat on.
Are you coming?
Are you sure?
Okay, I'm going.

I close the door behind me.
The outside world is calling me.

Where shall I go?

This adventure is mine.
I'll put one foot in front of the other.
That's what I'll do.

I'm at the pond.
I've not been here for a while.
I like watching the swans.
They make me smile.
They look so calm and peaceful.
I wish I was a swan.

The ducks swim past.
Someone is feeding them bread.
A small Cairn Terrier comes to say hello,
and the owner too.
It's nice when people speak to you.

I'm happier now and feeling calm.
I'm moving on towards the beach for a while.

Oh look the lifeboat is on it's way out.
I wonder where it's going?
Maybe to the cliffs?
I hope everyone is safe.

I watch the ebb and flow of the sea.
It seriously calms me.
I could stay here all day,

It's getting near lunchtime,
and I'm getting hungry.
There's some soup in the fridge.

I suppose I better go home,
for a while at least.

Are you still here?
You missed all the fun.
How can you stay in?
I cannae stand it.
The walls are closing in!