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Adventures of a Year

Author: Elizabeth Lamb
Year: Adventure

September, the ninth month, I think of the purple of heather and green apples.
October brings pumpkins and carrots, all bright orange.
November, I think of red because of poppies.
December brings the dark days of winter. I think of the old times, the flame of bright fire.

January, fresh beginning, but I think of the colour grey and of snow storms.
February, a time of damp, rainy days and snowdrops.
March brings the hope of spring flowers.
April, I think of yellow, of daffodils which are spring.

May, I think of pink, and of bluebells, and the colour yellow.
June brings red roses and pink carnations.
July, the hot month, I think of sweet peas and beaches and deck chairs.
August, I think of strawberries so red, and all the fun of the fair and bright colours. Amusements, carousels, hotdogs, cheeseburgers, slot machines!