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Adventures Afoot

Author: Sam Russell
Year: Adventure

Baby steps
First steps
Steady steps
And, don’t step on the crack steps

Forward steps
Backwards steps
In steps
And, being outa time steps

Slow steps
Quick steps
Giant steps
And, careful as you go steps

Stepping up steps
Stepping down steps
Stepping over steps
And, thoughtful stepping round steps

Front door steps
Back door steps
Homeward bound steps
And, stepping back in time steps

Short steps
Long steps
Old steps
New steps
And, popping on the dance floor steps

Fresh steps
Tired steps
Running steps
Walking steps
And, tracking all your smart phone steps

Keeping step
Loosing step
Quiet steps
Loud steps
And, stomping all around steps

Steps to recovery
Steps to discovery
Impaired steps
Inspired steps
Like Rose’s - silent - strictly steps

Good steps
Bad steps
Mindful steps
Healthy steps
And, covid keep your distance steps

Single steps
Group steps
Shared steps
And, highly damaging selfish steps

Clear steps
Hidden steps
Forgotten steps
And, talk me through your last steps

Bold steps
Timid steps
Eager steps
Random steps
Or following in my footsteps steps

Woke steps
Broke steps
Sleepwalking steps
And, Wordle 2 from 6 steps
Ka-boom !! 👏

Historic steps
Future steps
Positive steps
And, even some regrettable steps

Motivational steps
Adventurous steps
Life’s steps
Departing steps
So… what awaits our next steps?