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Author: Julie Flockhart
Year: Adventure

Summer is here. It's a hot day. I have had enough, I tell myself. It's about time that I head off on an Adventure. And, there's no need for any planning - because I know exactly where I'm going! Well, at least I think so. I'm ready for anything! So, bring it all on! I'm going on My Adventure! Ooops! And who will come with me? Let me think, I pause for a second - No one!! Fantastic, even better!!! For this is My Adventure!!! Hurray!!! I'm off!!! Get all out of my way!!! I look around my one bedroom flat. Ok there's no one - there's just me.

I sit for about two minutes debating with myself, saying things like, "should I stay or should I go?" And, I finally conversely reach my Big Decision - Yip! I am going on My Adventure. And forget everybody else - I am going to do it on my own. And, I will be absolutely fine. I rummage around my bedroom and I start packing my things. I have no idea where I am going to or how long I am going for - I guess the unknown is just half the fun. I like that.

I stuff my third Big Bag of clothing and extra bits and pieces that I will need into my tiny little Mini. 'Great', I say to myself. Things are looking very satisfying. I still don't know where I am heading to or if I will have enough petrol to get there? But, Hey, I am excited like a little over excited puppy at my prospects of My Adventure and I can't wait to tell my tale to my family and friends when I get back home. 'Yes', this is a good decision.

"Solo Traveller on Their Own Set of Wheels", this is going to be the title of My Adventure Guide on Riding Solo. Brilliant! I thought anyway - getting a little ahead of myself. 'Where am I going?' The thought had now crossed my mind, as I slid into my driving seat. And, a few thoughts began to enter my mind such as, 'Maybe I could go or down to Yeovil? No. Maybe I could go to Dublin? No. Too far. Plus I would have to get a ferry across - No danger! I get seasick and we already tried this as a family last year. Then, I thought how about the countryside? No - Far too many sheep. Perhaps a compromise? Taking a Road Trip to Scotland, taking in quaint little towns, villages and hamlets, across water and a big bridge, rugged land, countryside, combined with the Highlander Lifestyle. Yes! I'm off!!!

I just started making my tracks into My Adventure. I realised that I had left behind my Lucky Mascot. My Heart Felt Keyring. I shout, "sod this!" I am not going back for it. I don't need a Lucky Mascot, I am Lucky anyways. I casually roll my little Mini out of my driveway and I let My Adventures begin!

2 miles into making some decent tracks on the road, I pull into my local Petrol Station to fill my little Mini car's tank up full with petrol. Dave is on the pumps today as he delivers his usual chat up lines to me. He always compliments me on how clean and shiny my car is. I say, "thanks", as always. And then, finally I hit the open road!

My navigation system is on and up and running and I am confident that it will take me in the right direction where I intend to be. It is just the sound of the woman on the navigation system who sounds almost as directionless as me. If there wasn't a sense of mystery and adventure then I would have stayed at home eating freshly baked scones - but, I'm not, so, Central Highlands of Scotland, and to Aviemore, here I go!

I am driving fast but not exceeding the national speed limit. I missed that slip road! The navigation system starts bellowing at me! "Turn left at the next exit, turn left at the next exit!" I turn my navigation system Woman on to silent mode. As I continue along the Motorway. It seems that I am heading across The Forth Road Bridge and across the Sea to Fife!!! I let out a whimpering cry. Aaaaaah! No, no, no! This wasn't meant to be My Adventure. I look at the road signs. I am now 10 miles from Leven, in The Kingdom of Fife. What a start to My Adventure. I have no accommodation booked. I thought I could just WING IT. I spot an accessible accommodation sign straight ahead. I may be in Luck. I smile to myself. It looks like a nice place, very modern to boot!

I park in the designated parking spot. I put my stunning jet black single woman's four wheel chariot together, I think I look smart, I feel smart. Then, I realise that there is no one there at the Receptionist's Desk, only a note on the door saying, " On Holiday. Come Back Tomorrow At 2pm. Thank You". I about turn. It is 5:37pm. I feel as flat as a pancake. I am hungry. I go back to my car. Then, I suddenly notice 3 cars pull up. Fabulous! I think that I have an idea (maybe just slightly brewing). Hopefully my idea might just work.