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A Different Perspective

Author: M. J. Mitchell
Year: Adventure

Sometimes, adventure calls softly in the whispers of the wind, beckoning us to take the unknown path.

'No need to wander far,' it softly speaks.

'Come… ' the ethereal voice calls to long lost places buried deep amongst the layers of disconnect, busyness, indifference and brokenness. 'Walk a day with me in the footsteps of Mother Earth. Allow your eyes to witness with wonder the millions of miracles evolving effortlessly, played out by nature in all its glory. Lift the veil of blindness and see… '

Morning mist, like a hazy apparition, lays gently on the earth. That magical time when darkness lifts and spirits dance, flying high on gossamer wings. Fleetingly free. Momentarily awake. Alive until twilight sends them back to the shadows of night.

Dawn breaks and brings the gift of a brand new day. Sunshine bids farewell to raven black star filled skies and spreads light and colour like an artist painting from a palette filled with golden hues of citrine, saffron and amber ochre.

A shower of cherry blossom petals carried on the breeze, like graceful little ballet dancers pirouetting their way to the ground sprinkling the dew covered grass in tiny specks of pink. The yellow on the broom and gorse emerging slowly from a long winter slumber heralding the seasons change and all around nature’s growth in abundance with bud laden tree branches and unfurling leaves desperately seeking the warmth and light from the sun.

Soaring bird song magnificently played out by an array of winged wonders. The gentle cooing of a wood pigeon somewhat drowned out by a squabbling brood of blackbirds flapping and fighting for food, accompanied by the high pitched scream from a party of swifts swooping and darting back and forth looking for a safe spot to nest and raise chicks.

Periwinkle blue skies with cotton wool clouds cocoon the land and bring with them daydreams and promises of peace and harmony, a reminder that anything is possible. A heavenly wrapping of loving arms around existence. Inspiring, vast, limitless – signalling all the many possibilities and representing freedom. Hope! There is clarity in looking upwards.

Babbling brooks winding their way through woodlands providing a vital life source to the resident habitat. Glints of sunlight sparkling on the shallows and flows of the current, bubbling its watery tune over pebbles and siltstone, trickling its way gracefully through, around and over all obstacles in its path, disappearing off into the unknown. Serenity sits by the stream, extending a welcome invitation to rest a while. All around is peace and a cleansing purity. This sacred element teaching us that we too must ebb, flow and shape our own destiny.

The buzz of humble bumble bees, furry pollen laden bodies, guardians of the natural world, carefully preserving the ecosystem and going about their business in perfect harmony with nature. Butterflies flit and flutter amongst the undergrowth whilst up in the canopy a wise owl perches perfectly motionless, resting from its nocturnal activities. Wise. Formidable. Solitary.

No ticking tocking clocks in nature. Instead, elegant elongated shadows form, marking the passing hours. Crunching leaves and cracking twigs alert woodland wildlife of approaching danger as skittish prancing deer break cover and dash to find solace from fear and being woken from their cosy slumber. Bouncing on tip-toed feet, little white bottom tails bobbing behind, they share the owls' love of the twilight hours preferring to wander the wilds in the safety of a moonlit night.

Cooler evening air descends as the day comes to a close. A hungry hedgehog uncurls and begins to forage for food, rustling about in the remnants of last year’s decaying autumn leaves. Badgers and foxes cautiously tread familiar trails tentatively waiting for darkness to hunt and hide in.

A faint evening coastal haar rolls in from the east, drawing a curtain of mist over fields and forests, echoing how the day began. Time for wood nymph to play before the fading sun bids farewell to another day. A silvery full moon rises in its splendid luminous glory and with celestial grace, casts her spell for quiet. For peace.

This is her time to shine.