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A country loon’s ninety year adventure

Author: Sandy Reid
Year: Adventure

Bit michty me fit div ye pit in and fit div ye leave oot?

Efter a lot o thocht i decided tae leave oot -

Growin’ up at the time o’ the war wi’ a’ the rationin’ and even hae’n tae dodge the jerry’s bombs and bullets on the nicht o’ Aiberdeen’s biggest air raid.

Bein’ picket tae play for scotland’s under 18 fitba’ team against wales at celtic park.

Gettin’ mairret an’ ha’en three o’ a faimly.

Twa years national service in the Gordon Highlanders.

Thirty years in the bobbies (noo that wis an adventure in itsel’) includin’ savin’ a mannie fae droonin’ in the shada’ o’ the Forth brig)

The biggest adventure o’ a’ wis still tae come. I canna finish withoot mentionin’ the happy days spent wi’ the rescue doggies that followed us a’ wye on oor traivels - Moira, Doad, Morag, Doris, Ethel, Gladys, Mary Frances, Douglas, Elsie and Betty. They fair added tae this adventure.