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Walk The Walk: What happens next

The aim of this lesson is to encourage learners to reflect on what they have read in Walk The Walk. You can also consider in your group the ways in which we can all take responsibility for tackling sectarianism in Scotland.

Reflecting on learning

After taking part in the discussion, were learners able to:

After completing the activities, were learners able to:

Learners can:

Useful resources

Divided City: Exploring Sectarianism(this link will open in a new window): Once learners have read the book in its entirety, it might be useful to ask them what they think the definition of ‘sectarianism’ is. The Citizens Theatre, in partnership with Sense Over Sectarianism, have developed a full resource pack devoted to answering the question, ‘what is sectarianism?’ with learners.

Stand Up To Sectarianism(this link will open in a new window): The original version of the Responsibility Ladder exercise, developed by Stand Up To Sectarianism (Youth Scotland).