The Voyage Out

Saturday 18 November | 14-16:00

Workshop Adults

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Travel today is fraught with difficulties: How do we square carbon footprints and the inequities of a tourist economy with the pleasures of adventuring elsewhere? Why not do your adventuring imaginatively instead? Join Kirsty Gunn (novelist, essayist and publisher) and Reinhard Behrens (artist) and Gail Low (essayist, editor and publisher) on an imaginative voyage into the unknown - drawing upon texts, visual prompts and discussion to form your own creative responses - in prose, poetry and more.

In this intensive and creative free online workshop "journey", combining writing, art and exciting reading approaches, you'll bring back from your travels a list of treasures and notes, travel reports and inventories. And after the event, you’ll be invited to assemble and photograph your own installation, pairing writing with art or objects, for possible online publication and future adventures.

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