The Bongles

Wednesday 15 November | 11-12:00

Digital event Children

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Bring your art supplies, paper and lots of enthusiasm to this 50-minute Teams workshop. Everyone is welcome – especially those aged 4 to 7.

Starting the event with an introduction to The Bongles characters, the illustrator Dean Queazy will guide the children through the world of rhyme as he describes each character.

Dean will lead the children in ‘How to Draw The Bongles’ sessions, allowing participants the exciting opportunity to work closely with an established illustrator and learn how simple shapes come together to create our quirky Bongles.

After the interactive drawing session, participants will regroup to watch the animation of the new book The Bongles and The Crafty Crows.

Children can create their own Bongles character and show them to the illustrator for comment.

A follow up activity can include the children drawing their character, coming up with a name, and a rhyme telling us who their character is. We will post the drawings on the Bongles website.

Children will have the opportunity to chat to Dean during this time and will receive guidance to help them through their own creative journeys.

A free book will be gifted to every teacher who signs up.

To sign up please email link will open in a new window).

If you’re a teacher - remember to include your address so that the team can send you some books.

The event will be on Teams and the organisers will email you a link beforehand.

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