Jane Mather’s Adventures, Great and Small

Monday 13 November | 14-15:00

Airdrie Storytelling Adults

If you have any questions or for more information regarding software or accessibility, please contact the organiser directly.

Visit organiser website(this link will open in a new window) 01236 758070 AirdrieLibrary@northlan.gov.uk

Everyone has had an adventure, a challenge or new experience in their life. As a child everything was an adventure, from soggy picnics to new schools, to going on holiday. When we're wee the whole world is one grand adventure, everything's fresh and new, and as we grow older, we seek adventures...

Have you ever explored a street you never noticed before or said yes to an unusual request? Setting off in the morning we never know what will happen, just one small step can lead to a journey of a thousand miles...

In Book Week Scotland we invite you to listen to tales of adventure with storyteller Jane Mather and share a few of your own, who knows where our imaginations will lead us!

Venue information

Airdrie Library



There is a bus stop within 150m of the library. It has an accessible entrance with a ramp at the front right of the building. Entrance doors are automated. There is a fixed loop hearing assistance system. There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor. The event will take place on the ground floor.

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