Did He Kill or Cure Her? Graeme Macrae Burnet's Case Study

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Lose yourself, find yourself, confuse yourself, design yourself.

Whose story can we trust? Whose identity can we believe? We might all present different faces and ‘selves’ to the world for different situations like at work or at home but we’d probably all like to believe that we still know who ‘we’ are, wouldn’t we?What if you didn’t?

Case Study is set in London in 1965 and deals with the relationship between an unworldly young woman and a radical psychotherapist who she believes has driven her sister to suicide. Join us with Booker Prize shortlisted author Graeme Macrae Burnet as we examine what happens when identity, reality, ideas of self and the workings of the mind become mixed up, disguised or subverted. Begin an adventure into the ‘inner life’ and the version of reality that our minds create for us. In Case Study characters emerge from documents the author has researched and presented to us but all is not as it might first appear and the ground keeps shifting under our feet as we investigate where the truth of these characters and their intertwined stories lies.

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Abercorn Building, Paisley Campus

West College Scotland
Renfrew Road


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