Daniel Gray unwraps his fish and chips

Tuesday 14 November | 14-15:00

Airdrie Panel event / author reading Adults

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Food of the Cods: How Fish and Chips Made Britain tells the story of every town and city in Britain where the air is tangy with vinegar and the scent of frying. Daniel Gray followed this lure to ponder the magic of chippies and the delights they have sprinkled among us for the last 150 years as he investigates the social – and sociable – history of fish and chips.

Travelling to chippies from Dundee to Devon via South Shields, Oldham, Bradford, Bethnal Green, the Rhondda Valley and more – Daniel explores our fish-and-chip nation to show how chippies have helped emancipate women, promote equality for immigrants and shape local and national identity.

Don't miss this mouth watering event!

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Airdrie Library



There is a bus stop within 150m of the library. It has an accessible entrance with a ramp at the front right of the building. Entrance doors are automated. There is a fixed loop hearing assistance system. There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor. The event will take place on the ground floor.

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