Bookface Sip & Swap with Doug Allan

Thursday 16 November | 18:30-21:30

Glasgow Book group / club Adults

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07902 421 411

Doug Allan is a name synonymous with exploration, wildlife filmmaking, and a deep commitment to environmental conservation. Having spent over four decades documenting some of the most remote and inhospitable regions on Earth, Doug's remarkable adventures and unparalleled expertise have earned him widespread acclaim and numerous accolades.

From Antarctica to the Arctic, Doug Allan has braved extreme conditions to capture awe-inspiring footage of nature's wonders. His extensive work with the BBC's esteemed Natural History Unit includes collaborations with Sir David Attenborough on iconic series such as "Blue Planet" and "Frozen Planet." His incredible cinematography and his ability to immerse audiences in the raw beauty of the natural world have made him a household name.

Organised by Heart radio presenter and founder of Bookface, the Glasgow-born online book group with 3300 members in 48 countries is hosting this special event. With extra tickets added, this highly anticipated event as part of Book Week Scotland on Thursday 16th November promises to be a truly extraordinary experience for all guests. On Thursday 16th November at August House in Glasgow, guests will have the exclusive opportunity to hear Doug Allan share his enthralling tales from the polar regions. From heart-stopping encounters with polar bears to diving beneath the ice, his captivating storytelling will transport the audience into a world few have ever witnessed.

This intimate event will provide a rare chance to delve into the mind of a true explorer. Doug Allan will take the audience on a journey through his expeditions, sharing personal anecdotes, fascinating insights, and the challenges he has faced while capturing breathtaking images that have graced our screens.

"For anyone with a love for adventure, wildlife, and conservation, Doug Allan is an absolute must-see," said Heather Suttie the founder of Bookface. "His passion, dedication, and unrivalled knowledge of the polar regions make him a true inspiration. We are incredibly fortunate to have him as part of our event, and as always, guests will have the opportunity to participate in our book swap.

Venue information

August House

43 Mitchell Street

G1 3LN

There are 25 or so stairs into the venue.

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