Bookface Sip & Swap with Doug Allan

Thursday 16 November | 18:30-21:00

Glasgow Book group / club, Storytelling Adults

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As part of Book Week Scotland, Bookface the online book group with 3200 members in 48 countries is thrilled to announce that the legendary polar adventurer, Doug Allan, will be gracing the stage at August House for an exclusive and captivating Bookface Sip & Swap event.

From Antarctica to the Arctic, Doug Allan has braved extreme conditions to capture awe-inspiring footage of nature's wonders. His extensive work with the BBC's esteemed Natural History Unit includes collaborations with Sir David Attenborough on iconic series such as Blue Planet and Frozen Planet.

His incredible cinematography and his ability to immerse audiences in the raw beauty of the natural world have made him a household name. Tickets include Prosecco or soft drink on arrival and an additional drink of your choice. You will also have the opportunity to purchase some of Doug's limited editions prints.

For anyone with a love for adventure, wildlife, and conservation, Doug Allan is an absolute must-see. His passion, dedication, and unrivalled knowledge of the polar regions make him a true inspiration. We are incredibly fortunate to have him as part of our event, and as always, guests will have the opportunity to participate in our book swap.

- Heather Suttie, the founder of Bookface

Venue information

August House

43 Mitchell Street

G1 3LN

There are 25 or so stairs into the venue.

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