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What to read after World Book Day: beginning and early readers

Genre: Adventure, Animals, Picture books
Age group: 0-2, 3-5, 6-8
Parents reading book to young baby on the floor

If your child, or children you work with, have enjoyed one of World Book Day’s Beginning or Early £1 books(this link will open in a new window), look no further! We’ve selected some of our favourite books inspired by the World Book Day titles.

For more tips to engage with World Book Day in your school or classroom, see our World Book Day learning resources.

Meg McLaren Wee Unicorn

Wee Unicorn is an adorable story about being yourself that will be loved by fans of Elmer and the Patchwork Story. Everyone thinks this small unicorn has magic powers (she doesn’t) but while she can’t make a rainbow or turn a frog into a prince, she is friendly, kind and much braver than anyone else. Wee Unicorn may not be magic in the traditional sense, but this brilliant picture book is absolutely magical.

Ed Vere The Artist

Ed Vere’s stunningly illustrated answer to the question ‘What is an artist?’ is joyful a celebration of beauty, life and embracing mistakes. As The Artist sets out on an epic journey to share her creativity with the world, she travels through a playful landscape of cardboard, sticky tape, colour and line. What she discovers is the joy and beauty of creative expression, and the love that sharing that your inner artist can bring. If you’re looking forward to Charlie McGrew & The Horse That He Drew, we think you’ll love this too!

Ross Collins What Does an Anteater Eat?

One hungry anteater is on a quest to find some food – but what exactly does an anteater eat? As the anteater approaches different animals to solve this conundrum, each answer seems more unlikely than the last. With plenty of silliness and an unexpected conclusion, this picture book is bound to be loved by fans of Greg the Sausage Roll: Lunchbox Superhero.

Will Mabbitt I Can Only Draw Worms

This absolutely hysterical book makes counting fun and also shows children that they can create something great without being an expert. Simple and engaging, it will be thoroughly enjoyed by children and adults alike – especially anyone excited to read Charlie McGrew & The Horse That He Drew.

Nadia Shireen Grimwood

If readers loved the hilarious animals of Investigators: High Rise Highjinks, they’ll love the world of Grimwood: a seriously silly wood filled with characters including over-the-top ducks, out-of-control rabbits and two funny foxes. This is a great start to a wonderful comedy series, jam-packed with incredible illustrations.

Mark Bradley Bumble & Snug and the Angry Pirates

This laugh-out-loud graphic novel is perfect for fans of Investigators: High Rise Highjinks. Meet Bumble and Snug: their picnic adventure has gone awry and suddenly they’ve found some pirate treasure! While it's a comedic book, there’s a lot of heart to the story, including reflections on friendship, listening and care.

Maisie Chan Tiger Warrior: Attack of the Dragon King

For fans of Marv and the Ultimate Superpower, here’s another story of a young boy who must learn to use his magical powers! Jack’s grandpa gives him a jade coin, unlocking the powers of the twelve animals of the zodiac. Magical animal creatures, demons and ghostly spirits all combine in a clash in between good and evil!

Sophy Henn Pizazz

If Marv and the Ultimate Superpower has got readers longing for their own superpowers, then Pizazz is here to tell you that being super isn’t so easy. Rather than save the world, most days Pizazz would rather play with her pet hamster. However, plans are afoot to destroy the local playpark – can Pizazz’s power bring her neighbourhood together? Fun illustrations bring this story of a community superhero to life!