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STEM books for 9-11 year olds

Genre: Maths, Science, Science Fiction, Technology
Age group: 9-11

We're always receiving requests for science, technology and maths book recommendations. These fantastic fiction and non-fiction titles are some of our favourites for 9-11 year olds.

Nastia Sleptsova Steve Martin Engineer Academy

This is just one of the many amazing books in the “Academy” series, packed full of fascinating facts and quick activities and experiments. We love the runway and flight board game that can be found at the back of the book!

Hannah Coulson Jonathan Meres Special Delivery

All Frank wants is a new bike, but bikes cost money! We love this accessible title by Barrington Stoke. It offers plenty of opportunity to discuss money, saving and budgeting in a clear way for children.

Charlotte Guillain Yuval Zommer The Street Beneath my Feet

A gorgeous non-fiction title - we love the illustrations by Yuval Zommer. The book folds out completely and is perfect for those interested in exploring the earth and our natural world.

Fiona Robinson The Bluest of Blues: Anna Atkins and the First Book of Photographs

A fascinating non-fiction title about Anna Atkins, the first person ever to publish a book of photography. Anna was a botanist who experimented with photography and developed Cyanotype, an early form of photography. This book is sure to inspire some light-sensitive experiments!

Teddy Keen The Lost Adventure Book

An intriguing non-fiction title, supposedly containing letters found by an adventurer in the Amazon. The letters contain a range of instructions, kit lists and fact sheets, and are the perfect tool to inspire outdoor learning.

Nadiya Hussain Nadiya’s Bake me a Story

A beautiful mix of recipes and storytelling, and a real sweet treat for any reader! This book offers great opportunities to explore maths and science through baking.

Gwen Lowe Alice Dent and the Incredible Germs

Never has a book about catching a cold been so exciting! Alice's adventures with germs and their side effects make for fun and informative reading.

Aimee Lucido In the Key of Code

Emmy is still trying to find out where she fits in to the world, and discovering coding helps her find the missing piece. This is an accessible introduction to coding, particularly Java, wrapped up in a fantastic, relatable story for 10+.

Gill Lewis Sky Hawk

Gill Lewis' debut book comes highly recommended for any classes looking at conservation. It's a gripping adventure featuring the endangered osprey, and the insights will offer great material for your class discussions.

Elizabeth Laird Song of the Dolphin Boy

Finn loves watching the dolphins near his home, but he's very worried to discover they might be in danger because of all of the plastic in the ocean. This is a great story to help children become more aware of their environment and how to protect it.

Alastair Chisholm Orion Lost

This brilliant sci-fi adventure novel is sure to inspire an interest in science and technology. The story centres on a group of teenagers who suddenly find themselves in charge of a starship. Full of nail biting twists and turns, the children grapple with aliens, futuristic technology and AI in order to save themselves and their families.