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Space adventures

Genre: Fiction, Literature, Non-fiction, Science, Science Fiction, Space
Age group: 6-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-18
Shuttle in outer space

Enjoy an out of this world children's book as we shoot off into space in this space-tacular list of reading recommendations. Boldly go where no reader has ever been before and use the books below to explore our universe and beyond.

Tillie Walden On a Sunbeam

This beautifully illustrated graphic novel follows a group of young builders who travel through the galaxy to fix unwanted buildings back to a past version of what they once were. When new member Mia joins the crew, she is constantly reminded of a year at boarding school and a relationship that changed her life. Can she fix what was lost?

David Long Simon Tyler The World's Most Magnificent Machines

This fantastic non-fiction text includes profiles of a range of impressive vehicles, including important space transportation like Saturn V and the Lunar Rover.

S. M. Wilson The Infinity Files

Ash Yang has always wanted to be a starfighter pilot, but when she fails her test she winds up with a much more important job – the most important job in the universe! Now, she must travel through galaxies as the last barrier between war and peace. With her new skills will she be able to save the planet that's most important to her – her home?

Dapo Adeola Nathan Bryon Look Up!

A heart-warming picture book about a girl called Rocket who wants to share her love of space with her family and community.

Jez Tuya Ruth Quayle Suzy Orbit, Astronaut

This picture book follows Suzy Orbit and Captain Gizmo who receive news that aliens are near their space station. No matter what they do, problems follow them – Gizmo's suit is too small, there's no batteries for the space pod, and it feels like time is against them! It's time for Suzy to put her engineering skills to the test.

Matt Carr Rocketmole

Humans aren't the only ones who dream of going to space! In this picture book we see a mole who plans an adventure to the moon and what happens when he gets there.

Carlie Sorosiak My Life as a Cat

When an alien arrives on Earth as a cat, they have a lot to learn, and only a limited time before they need to meet the ship to return home! This is a funny and touching book which is full of surprises.

Simon Bartram Man on the Moon: a day in the life of Bob

A great story for sharing with young readers. It introduces the man on the moon, also known as Bob, who is responsible for looking after it. He knows everything there is to know about the moon, and is certain there are no aliens. Or are there?

Charlotte Guillain Yuval Zommer The Skies Above My Eyes

This wonderful non-fiction book folds and opens out to take its reader on a magical journey through space. Filled with important and interesting facts, this book if perfect for those who enjoy an immersive and tactile reading experience.

Dara O Briain Is There Anybody Out There?

Is There Anybody Out There? provides the perfect mix of fact and fiction to answer all those space questions that have been floating around: how was the earth created? Will we ever meet aliens? Humorous and entertaining, this book is perfect for readers just starting on their space odyssey.

Léonard Dupond Libby Jackson Space Explorers

A collection of amazing real-life stories about space exploration and adventure. In this beautifully illustrated anthology, spaceflight expert, Libby Jackson, reveals the very best true stories of humankind's thrilling journey to the stars. This book is perfect for sharing with any keen space explorer!

Sheila Kanani Sol Linero How to be an Astronaut and Other Space Jobs

This engaging book explores not only what it takes to be an astronaut, but a range of other space jobs and the amazing people that help get an astronaut into space. Answering key questions 'like what is space?' and 'what do astronauts actually do?'

Del Thorpe Sheila Kanani Space on Earth

We have probably all looked up at the night sky and thought about space, but what many don't realise is that there is more space on Earth than we realise. In this gripping read, Sheila Kanani will open your eyes to space all around us. You will feel awe and wonder at our Earth, as well as at the universe it sits in.

Lauren James The Loneliest Girl in the Universe

Romy Silvers is the only surviving crew member of a spaceship travelling to a new planet, on a mission to establish a second home for humanity. When a new ship is launched containing just J, there is hope for Romy. A gripping romantic thriller, this book will have you on the edge of your seat.

Dave Rudden The Wintertime Paradox

A collection of wintry Sci-fi tales, this book is perfect for Doctor Who fans. With short stories exploring murder in 1909 to a stranger at the door in Dublin, this collection is sure to hold something for everyone. Time travel with the Doctor to new and unique adventures.

Alan Grant Dan Cornwell John Wagner Rok of the Reds

The perfect blend of sci-fi and football meet in this glorious graphic novel by John Wagner, Alan Grant and Dan Cornwell. Shortlisted for the 2020 Scottish Teenage Book Prize, this is the perfect read for any football fan. When odious Kyle Dixon is replaced by alien Rok of Arkadi, all seems lost for lowly Radford Reds. Or it this just the beginning?

Alastair Chisholm Orion Lost

This fantastic adventure novel set in deep space is sure to inspire an interest in science and technology. The story centres on a group of teenagers who suddenly find themselves in charge of a starship. Full of nail-biting twists and turns, the children grapple with aliens, futuristic technology and AI to save themselves and their families.