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Fascinating history books

Genre: History, Illustration, Non-fiction
Age group: 9-11
Little girl reading a book in her bedroom

The past has a great appeal for writers and readers alike- a place separated from us by time which is intriguing, sometimes unusual but also inspiring. With a mix of fiction and non-fiction, this selection of titles is sure to pique the interest of any history buff!

Isabelle Arsenault Sam Gordon Timothee de Fombelle Captain Rosalie

This child’s perspective on the First World War is innocent and eye opening with beautiful illustrations.

Katherine Woodfine The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow

This is the first book in an exciting mystery series that will transport you to Edwardian London along with a great cast of characters.

David Almond David Litchfield War is Over

The dark illustrations and thought-provoking story bring to life the experience of war and dreams of peace from a child living in England during the First World War.

Barroux Michael Morpurgo In the Mouth of the Wolf

Michael Morpurgo uses his own family history as inspiration for this gripping story about right and wrong during the Second World War.

R.M. Romero The Dollmaker of Krakow

This is a compelling story that brings together history and fantasy during the terrible atrocities of the Holocaust in Poland.

Kiran Millwood Hargrave The Island at the End of Everything

Inspired by the Culion leper colony, which existed just 100 years ago, this is an emotional story of a family separated by the disease.

Vivian French The Steam Whistle Theatre Company

We love the characters, the drama and the Victorian setting in this fantastic story following the Pringle family theatre troupe as they try to make their fortune.

Caroline Lawrence The Thieves of Ostia

We loved discovering more about life in ancient Rome while watching this mystery story unfold

Brian Selznick Wonderstruck

This unusual book combines two stories, one from 1927 which is told in pictures and the other from 1977 which is told in words – it is amazing to see them unfold and work out the connections between them.

Eva Ibbotson Journey to the River Sea

We were absolutely captivated by this story of Maia’s journey from the streets of Edwardian England to her new life in the Amazon rainforest!

Helen Peters Anna at War

We loved seeing Anna's bravery and strength as she leaves Germany behind to find a new home in England to escape the Nazis, and the new challenges and danger she finds there.

Gill Arbuthnott A Secret Diary of the First World War

Do you enjoy solving mysteries and code breaking? We love this non-fiction title from Scottish author Gill Arbuthnott for its mix of fact, history and tantalising puzzles.

Geraldine McCaughrean Where the World Ends

Set on a sea stack beyond St Kilda, this is an incredibly moving piece of historical fiction based on a true story. It is gripping and emotive and we guarantee you will be completely absorbed by it.

Adrian Edmondson Tilly and the Time Machine

We love this entertaining romp through various periods in history. Adrian Edmondson’s writing is as witty as ever and we love the hilarious scene where Tilly meets Queen Victoria!

Jacqueline Wilson Hetty Feather

Jaqueline Wilson fans will be surprised and delighted by this original historical fiction novel. We adore the main character and love seeing her personal development across the novel.

Catherine Johnson Race to the Frozen North: The Matthew Henson Story

Race to the North Pole with this fantastic piece of historical fiction by Catherine Johnson. It gives a fantastic insight into the journey and highlights an often overlooked American adventurer.

Tom Morgan-Jones Tony Bradman The Boy and the Globe

Set in Jacobean England, we love this fresh perspective on William Shakespeare and the Globe, and Toby is a wonderful and infectiously loveable character!