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10 books to celebrate Bookbug Week 2024

Assortment of book covers for Bookbug Week

The theme for Bookbug Week this year is Bookbug Says Hello, which celebrates all the different languages spoken by families across Scotland. Discover our favourite books that celebrate our differences, and the power of a simple ‘hello’ – no matter which language it’s in!

For picture books in different languages, check out Little Linguist(this link will open in a new window). They are an online specialist for children's foreign language-learning books and are home to books in over 50 languages.

Harriet Lynas Moira Butterfield Welcome to Our World: A Celebration of Children Everywhere!

In this captivatingly illustrated non-fiction book, children embark on a delightful journey exploring the rich tapestry of cultures across the world. From the languages spoken, the foods savoured at breakfast tables and the festive celebrations marking special occasions, every page is a treasure trove of discovery. This book is a heartwarming reminder that there's an underlying unity in our world, for we have more in common than what divides us.

Philip Bunting Cats Say Nau/Dogs Say Bau

What do dogs say around the world? Where does a chick say 'piou piou'? In this gorgeous book, you can find out! Philip Bunting uses bright and funny illustrations to take us on a tour through the animal kingdom and show how different languages represent animal sounds. This book is sure to be a hit with children of all ages with plenty of opportunities to join in, and is a fun introduction to global languages. If you’re more of a feline fan, why not try Cats Say Mau by the same author?

Hannah Tolson Nicola Edwards Goodnight World

Not only is Goodnight World a gentle and soothing bedtime story to cuddle up with, it teaches your little one how to say goodnight in a wide variety of world languages, including Mandarin, Italian, Finnish, Swahili, French and more. The beautiful rhymes and sweet illustrations take us through the bedtime routine of families across the world, showing how, despite our different ways of saying ‘goodnight’, we are all connected under the same starry sky.

Ben Handicott The Hello Atlas

This beautiful book celebrates the diversity of children all over the world and the vast array of languages spoken across the continents. It includes many simple phrases and greetings that are easy to learn and an app accompanies the book to help with pronunciation. Charming illustrations fill every page and show children in various local settings to give a sense of life in each country.

David Roberts Helen Docherty Someone Just Like You

With beautiful, bright and unique illustrations, this picture book celebrates the joy in difference. The rhyming text shows children that, although they speak different languages and may not look the same, they have more in common than they might think. Intended as a tactile reading experience, you can turn the book around to see all the joyful illustrations from different perspectives.

Sophie Beer How to say Hello

How many ways can you say hello? How about with a cuddle or a wave? There are so many different ways to say hello and this adorable board book celebrates all the things we can do to communicate with each other, no matter what language we speak.

Erica Sirotich Let's Say Hello

Learn how to say hello in lots of different languages with this super-cute board book for toddlers. There are 12 languages to learn accompanied by some adorable everyday scenes. The book features American sign language, but for British Sign Language, check out our brilliant BSL videos in our story library.

Vyara Boyadjieva Word Trouble

Ronnie is about to start nursery in a new country but the pressure of speaking in front of so many means he gets the words mixed up. The children laugh and Ronnie feels like he will never fit in, but when he goes to the park he realises kids play in the same way and makes a friend. A caring story about giving new places a chance, about acceptance and resilience, and making friends – messages that are as important for adults to remember as kids!

Ali Pye Smriti Halls Who Are You?

This brilliantly inclusive picture book celebrates all the things that make each child unique. From your eyes to your nose, to what you eat and where you live, each page represents all the different aspects of a child's life. Little ones will love choosing all the different options and the jaunty rhyme make it perfect for reading aloud.

Mary Murphy Chirp

A delightful book for snuggling up and sharing together. Learn about all the many joyful sounds different birds use to celebrate the dawn chorus. Little ones will love joining in with the rhymical bird songs and listening out for them in the morning when they wake.