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Joseph Coelho: Poetry is for everyone

Genre: Inspiration, Poetry
Age group: 9-11
Topics: Poetry

Poet, author and Waterstones Children's Laureate Joseph Coelho joins Authors Live to spread the joy of creating poetry! Joseph tells us what it's like to be the Children's Laureate, how he got started with his writing, and how simple and fun it can be to create your own poems. We are also treated to a reading of his latest book, Our Tower, which showcases the magic that exists in the objects and spaces we see every day.

If you only do one thing...

We know time is tight so here is just one activity you could do with your class before or after watching the event.

Poetry stones (LIT 1-20a, LIT 1-21a)

Go for a walk around your local area and find some stones you can bring back to your classroom. Now, use our resource on how to make poetry stones to create your own class poem. You could use it to create a poetry trail in your community.

Inspired by this broadcast to create poems with young people? See our resource on introducing and exploring poetry below.