Support for Children with Additional Needs

All children love stories. Below are some tips to help you and your child enjoy sharing books together. Many of these ideas come from experts and parents. Not all of them will be right for your child, but they may be a good starting point. Please share your own ideas in the comments below.

Bright books with simple illustrations will grab your child’s attention and help them focus on the story. For some children, too much detail may be distracting. Simple pictures with a clear background may be easier for them to see and follow. The Spot and Kipper books are good ones to start with.

Many children enjoy books which they can explore with their hands. Kids love to feel different textures and find pictures and surprises under flaps and behind doors. Additional props (e.g. Dear Zoo + a pack of plastic animals) will help make the story more real. And they’re great fun!

Children learn in different ways. Reading the same book again may help them to take in more of the story.

If your child enjoys noisy toys they may also like books with noises and buttons to press.

Reading a book together is a great way to help your child develop their early communication skills. But most of all, it’s a fun time for you and your child.

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