Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Row, row, row your boat,

Gently down the stream,

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily

Life is but a dream.


Row, row, row your boat,

Gently down the stream,

If you see a crocodile,

Don’t forget to scream (Aaagh!) 


There are lots of variations. Try one of the following:

  • Gently down the stream, if you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream
  • Gently down the river, if you see a polar bear don’t forget to shiver
  • Gently to the shore, if you see a lion don’t forget to roar
  • Gently down the lake, if you hear a hissing sound it’s probably a snake 
  • Gently in the bath, if you see a spider don’t forget to laugh (tickle)
  • Gently though the mist, if you see a baby don’t forget to kiss

Sing this gently like a lullaby while rocking your baby.

You could sit in a circle and everyone hold hands and row together.

In groups of three, two people can make a boat and one person can go in the middle to be the passenger.