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Gypsy Bairns

Author: Isabella Williamson

Poem of a riddle
Gypsy bairn where are you? Look you must be out there mother cries, looking about eating the wild strawberries and an apple from a wild tree.
Don’t you hide or stay away as you love the outdoors to play, their belly full of wild rasps, gooseberries and the wild hazel nuts, drinking from a flowing fresh running river. Hedge row you do see with little blackbirds eggs in their nest along with the little mice chewing away at the wild bramble berry, you walk on playing, happy bairns going home.
Climbing trees, playing all day, skiving school that you do hate, telling fibs of your day.
A few hours early home each day looking for something good to eat, a full belly you fall asleep.
On the morning there is no school, a long lie in and fresh homemade pancake with sticky golden syrup running down your wee chins, you are washed and matted hair combed, clothes are clean and off you went on another adventure throughout the day but never bored as they play.