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An Ode To My Daughters

Author: Lorna Hill
Year: Future

This is a story
About hope, for my daughters
The future awaits

A life of lockdown
Closed schools and cancelled exams
Life suddenly paused

Stay home, we are told
Go for a walk once a day
Everything is closed

A deadly virus
An invisible killer
Brings panic and fear

Questions, no answers
Confusion, isolation
When will this all end?

Early morning walks
Listening to the lull of waves
Peace and then despair

Pink blossom on trees
Bright daffodils and tulips
Spring is in the air

Talking and listening
Keeping connected with friends
Dance classes on Zoom

People are dying
Individuals who have names
Will this ever end?

Lockdown continues
Orange sunsets and birdsong
Sadness and tears

But so much kindness
Flourishing communities
Helping to support

Clapping and cheering
Every Thursday night at eight
Bagpipes, pots and pans

Sunshine and blue skies
Shades and shadows on the sand
Bright, painted pebbles

Mum and her ducklings
Waddling down a city street
Curious and bold

Laughter and rainbows
Lost loved ones and broken hearts
Standing side by side

And the weight of hope
Amidst the uncertainty
Continues to grow

Weave together dreams
Be patient, strong and brave
Things do always change

This is a story
Of resilience and strength
Your future awaits.