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A FUTURE with an ART Degree

Author: E-rodip
Year: Future

I've found the place I'd like to retire to, I think. I found it in January and met some wonderful people when I was there, a ceramic artist, a writer and a jeweller, and a group of people I knew fairly well too. This place is hidden away amongst the hills with a body of water that leads out to sea.

But before I retire, I have so many adventures to first see.

I'm an aspiring artist you see. I chose the path less trodden. The future is constantly everyone's next question to me; what plans I have; what job opportunities do you get with an art degree? Being an artist in my world is seen as a hobby, not quite taken seriously. I'd like the chance to explore what being an artist is to me: an exhibition maybe; or big commission; the chance to work collaboratively; maybe do a market or a big festival; maybe even a top end art stall event or maybe; all of these one day in the future of adventures and me.

Practice, practice, practice that's what it's really about with an art degree. Practice form filling, defining one's practice and determination to get back up and see. Practice making, practice doing and practice developing always.

I plan a future of adventures both in the world and artistically. I plan on seeing the coasts of the island I've always lived, one end to the other when this war of Covid-19 is done. A tomorrow is never for certain, but a today is, today I plan my future dreaming of all the adventures there could be; and then returning to retire, to the place I stayed in January with an art degree.