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Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour: When We Went Wild with Isabella Tree and Allira Tee

Join the author and illustrator of When We Went Wild for this interactive virtual event

Collage of Isabella Tree and Allira Tee, authors of When We Went Wild

Applications to join this event live are now closed. Don't worry if you didn't sign up – we'll share a video recording to our on demand library (this will open in a new window)after the event has taken place so you can catch up later.

Join author and rewilding pioneer Isabella Tree, and Melbourne-based illustrator Allira Tee, for an interactive event based around their book When We Went Wild and the benefits of letting nature take the lead!

When We Went Wild is a joyful, sustainably printed picture book about two farmers who decide to let their farm run wild! Inspired in part by Isabella’s own experience at the world-renowned Knepp rewidling project in West Sussex. The author's own experience of rewilding her estate at Knepp has influenced conservation techniques around the world that are bringing nature back to the countryside and bringing threatened species back from the brink.

Isabella will show children around the farm via a virtual video tour before reading the book and sharing how she and her husband turned a loss-making farm into a sustainable, wildlife enterprise where Highland Cows, Fallow Deer and rare White Storks live in unison with other forms of rare plants and animals. This will be followed by an interactive drawalong with the books illustrator Allira Tee, who joins us live from Melbourne, Australia!

There will be a chance to ask questions to Isabella and Allira and explore all aspects of rewilding as a powerful solution to biodiversity loss and climate change in a world where eco-anxiety is profoundly affecting the young. Isabella hopes this story of nature healing itself will inspire children with a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

This live virtual event will go ahead with a limited schools audience. A recording of the event will be shared on our website to watch on demand.

Find out more about Isabella Tree(this will open in a new window) and Allira Tee(this will open in a new window)

When: Tuesday 28 September

Who: Primary schools

Platform: Microsoft Teams

Cost: Fully funded

Audience: P1–4 (ages 5-8)

Audience size: 10–30 (smaller or larger groups are welcome to apply)

Deadline: Friday 17 September, 12 noon

To take part in this event please make sure you have access to:

1. Large screen with ability to receive video calls including speakers and microphone

2. High speed internet to accommodate video streaming

If you have any questions or comments please contact thomas.jefferson@scottishbooktrust.com(this will open in a new window).