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The Colour of Hope with Ross MacKenzie

An unmissable virtual event for your pupils to see Ross MacKenzie, award-winning author of magical adventure stories, The Colour of Hope, Evernight and The Nowhere Emporium.


Ross talks about his latest book, The Colour of Hope, a powerful adventure of a world purged of colour by an evil Emperor and the remarkable girl who might just be able to restore light and brightness to a drab, grey empire.

The idea for this book came to Ross during lockdown when a lot of simple pleasures disappeared. The dark, colourless world he was experiencing in real life focussed the concept of this new story in his imagination. The story looks at themes of friendship, loss, betrayal and bravery, but at its very heart is hope.

Hear how he creates his immensely likeable characters and vivid fantasy worlds.


Scottish Friendly Assurance

Scottish Friendly Assurance has been sponsoring the tour for over 20 years(this will open in a new window). Through its support, The Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour reaches an average of 6,000 children every year in a vast range of communities, from rural schools with as few as 8 pupils to 2,000 seat theatres. Scottish Friendly Assurance is a progressive and modern financial services group, which has been around for over 150 years. It provides investors and families with a wide range of financial products.You can find out more about Scottish Friendly on their website(this will open in a new window).