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Nevermoor with Jessica Townsend (Australia)

Part of the Connected: Continents series

Video Watch now: Nevermoor with Jessica Townsend (Australia)

Author of the Nevermoor series, Jessica Townsend, joins us live from Australia for this magic event as part of the Connected: Continents tour.

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Scottish Friendly Assurance

Scottish Friendly Assurance has been sponsoring the tour for over 20 years(this will open in a new window). Through its support, The Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour reaches an average of 6,000 children every year in a vast range of communities, from rural schools with as few as 8 pupils to 2,000 seat theatres.

Scottish Friendly Assurance is a progressive and modern financial services group, which has been around for over 150 years. It provides investors and families with a wide range of financial products.

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