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Scots leid competition winner 2021

We’re delighted tae announce the winners o oor Scots leid competition 2021 – Lang May Yer Lum Reek

We asked young writers tae scrieve a Scots story, poem, play, sang or mak a short video inspired by the Scots phrase 'Lang may yer lum reek'. The winner was named Young Scots Writer o the Year and received their award during The Scots Language Awards 2021(this will open in a new window) ceremony.

2021 winners

Muckle congratulations tae aw oor winners.

First place

Hope and Lucy, ages 16 and 14

Second place

Emma Walker, age 14

Third place

Ian Forsyth, age 15

We loved reading yer entries. Keep yer een open for mair Scots opportunities coming soon.

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Scottish Book Trust's Scots Leid competition is run in pairtnership wi Hands Up for Trad, Scots Hoose, Education Scotland and the Scottish Government. ​