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New Writers Awards: Scots applications

Applications are noo open for the Scots New Writers Award, deidline Wednesday 13 July, noon

Oor Scots New Writers Award is open tae applications in ane o three categories: Fiction and Narrative Non-Fiction, Poetry and Bairns' and Young Adult Fiction. Ye can anely pit in for the ae category. 

Deidline is Wednesday 13 July at noon.

Gonnae read this page and the eligibility criteria(this will open in a new window) tentily afore scrievin and sendin in yer application.

Aw applications

Aw applications will need tae hae the follaein information.

For aw applications, we’ll be efter a sample o yer scrievin, forby – this is the maist important pairt o yer application and it'll be judged anonymously by the panel durin the first stage o readin. This sample will be a wee bittie different dependin on whit category ye're applyin for.

Fiction and Narrative Non-Fiction

Fiction is imaginary or inventit prose, likesay short stories and novels.

Narrative non-fiction is a kind o scrievin that's stylistically sib tae fiction but's used tae tell factual stories, sic as memoir, biography, and scrievin aboot traivel. This disnae include text buiks, guide buiks, staunart non-fiction history buiks or collections o humour/jokes.

Whit dae ah need tae apply?


We're efter applications frae baith on-page and spikken wird poets. 

Whit dae ah need tae apply?

For scrieved poetry:

For spikken wird poetry:

Bairns' and Young Adult Fiction

Bairns' and Young Adult fiction means prose or short stories that hae been scrieved mainly for fowk unner the age of 18. We’re interestit in the hale jingbag o scrievin for younger readers.

Whit dae ah need tae apply?

For applicants submittin a manuscript for a picture buik:

Oor panel will consider scripts withoot images for picture buiks (though we unnerstaun if the pictures and the scripts need tae gang thegither). If ye've ony speirins aboot this, gonnae contact applications@scottishbooktrust.com(this will open in a new window)

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