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Mother and daughter reading a book together on park bench

More and more people are living with dementia in Scotland or supporting loved ones through dementia.

Reading is Caring helps both people living with dementia and those who care for them to use reading and sensory experiences to create special moments of connections, spark memories and relieve stress.

Reading is Caring was fantastic. The stories bring mum into the here and now. She laughs, she’s interested and engaged. I get a glimpse of her personality again, which is lovely for both of us.

- Mary's daughter, Rhona

By creating these moments of positivity – a memory, a hint of a smile or laughter – sharing stories together can provide enjoyment and comfort to the person living with dementia and the person caring for them, helping to maintain their loving relationship.

The training is free to attend and we work with people individually who have been trained to help them put into practice what they have learned.

We have huge ambitions to grow Reading is Caring across Scotland. The only thing stopping us is funding.

You can help to reach more people living with and affected by dementia.

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Where does my donation go?

Your donation will go directly to Reading is Caring and help people like Rhona and her mum, Mary.

Reading is Caring has been such a positive, uplifting experience. It's given me an opportunity to spend lovely times with my mum, rather than being anxious about what to do to help her engage or just watching her sleep.

- Mary's daughter, Rhona

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How can I take part in Reading is Caring?

If you are caring for someone living with dementia, learn more about what the training involves, where we are currently delivering the programme and how you can take part in Reading is Caring training.