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Inclusive Stories Festival: Writing neurodivergent protagonists with Elle McNicoll

Part of Scottish Book Trust's Sensory Storytelling programme, funded by The Mohn Westlake Foundation

Author Elle McNicoll in a shopping arcade with plants and people behind

Coming soon! This event will be released at 10am on Friday 16 April.

Join Blue Peter Book Award-winning author Elle McNicoll for an event about her writing, books and writing neurodivergent characters. In this event, Elle speaks about what drives her to write and her passion for creating neurodivergent characters that young people can relate to and can empathise with. Elle introduces her debut book, A Kind of Spark, which features 11-year-old Addie and her quest to create a memorial in her village for persecuted witches. Elle also introduces her latest book, Show Us Who You Are, a gripping science-fiction adventure. After this event, you will feel inspired to grab a pen and start writing your own varied and diverse characters.

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Preparing to watch

This event is suitable for children aged 7+. The video is filmed in front of a window, so it is bright with lots of light and Elle's face is in darkness at points during the video.

If you are working with children or young people who have a visual impairment, please watch the video yourself first to see if it is suitable for them.

After the event, if you want to share your characters or writing inspired by Elle's video, share them on Twitter(this will open in a new window) using #InclusiveStories and @ScottishBkTrust.

Preparing Makaton or other symbol resources

You might like to prepare symbol resources or Makaton signs to support pupils to engage with Elle's event. Some key themes from the event are: