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Inclusive Stories Festival: Exploring change with Katya Balen

Join in with this digital event featuring Katya Balen, focusing on coping with change, storytelling and her novels The Space We’re In and October, October.

Video Watch now: Exploring change with Katya Balen

Katya is an author and co-founder of a charity that uses creativity to work with autistic people. In this special event, Katya explores change and dealing with challenging situations through her books. This event is aimed at children aged 10+ and is perfect for encouraging resilience and growth mindsets.

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Preparing to watch

This event is suitable for children aged 10+. This is a thoughtful and engaging event, and there are no loud noises or flashing lights during the event. The video is captioned.

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Preparing Makaton or other symbol resources

You might like to prepare symbol resources or Makaton signs to support pupils to engage with Katya's event. Some key themes from the event are: