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Inclusive Stories Festival: Be LOUD! with Rose Robbins

Part of Scottish Book Trust's Sensory Storytelling programme, funded by The Mohn Westlake Foundation

Coming soon! This event will be available from 10am on Wednesday 14 April.

Join author and illustrator Rose Robbins for a reading of her latest picture book, LOUD!, and a sensory art activity. In this event with Rose, you'll learn how to create your own sensory sound jar. Making music and enjoying different sounds is a key theme of LOUD! and creating a sound jar is a great way to start making music.

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Preparing to watch

This event is suitable for children aged 3+. This event focuses on sounds and noise, with Rose making noises with her sensory jars and reading her picture book LOUD!, which explores noise and sound making.

If you are working with children sensitive to loud noise, we recommend watching the video on your own first to determine if it is suitable for them.

Making a sensory jar

To make a sensory jar, you might like to have the following items ready:

Preparing Makaton or other symbol resources

You might like to prepare symbol resources or Makaton signs to help children follow Rose's reading and the sound jar activity. Some key themes from the event are: