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The Scottish Teenage Book Prize celebrates the very best in Scottish teen fiction.

We're so excited about the Scottish Teenage Book Prize shortlist, which celebrates the very best in Scottish teen fiction. The winner of the Scottish Teenage Book Prize is chosen entirely by teenagers across Scotland.

Lots of young people take part as a group organised through their school or library, and for the first time teenagers can now take part individually too!

Teachers, librarians and book groups

If you're a learning professional, librarian or leader of a book group for teenagers, you'll need to sign in or create an account and then register your group to take part.

Register to vote below, then have fun exploring the shortlist and our learning resources(this will open in a new window). Don't forget to come back and cast your votes before Thursday 1 April.

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Teenagers and young people

If your school or book group isn’t taking part, you can still take part as an individual! You don't need to register before voting, just read all three books on the shortlist and vote for your favourite below before Thusday 1 April.

You’ll be able to claim Young Scot Rewards points when you cast your vote.

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