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Ready, Steady, Sing: Bookbug singing confidence booster sessions

A two-hour workshop for Bookbug Session Leaders and Bookbug for the Home practitioners to boost their confidence leading singing.

Bookbug session leader in front of some children and their carers in a library

We know that families love to hear you sharing songs and rhymes, but many of us are out of the habit after the pandemic. If you would like to sing with more confidence, sign up for this informal fun singing workshop. Ready, Steady, Sing sessions will help you rebuild your confidence, refresh your content, and reignite your passion for singing.

Our Early Years trainers will be joined by Lucinda Geoghan(this will open in a new window), from the National Youth Choir of Scotland, who will lead us through a range of nursery songs, looking at techniques to help you feel calm and confident, in a lively and enjoyable way.

Please note: No solo singing required!

Who can apply?

Applicants must:

Priority will be given to applicants who:

How to apply

Applications for Ready, Steady, Sing are completed through Eventbrite. Click the link next to your chosen date in the list below.

We will check applicants against our records to ensure they meet our eligibility criteria and have previously completed the relevant training.

Successful applicants will be contacted to confirm their place two weeks before their chosen session date.

Unsuccessful applicants will be informed one week before their chosen date.