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Coronavirus guidance for Bookbug for the Home practitioners

Guidance for Bookbug for the Home practitioners on how to engage with families safely during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Last updated: Tuesday 9 February 2020. Please note that this guidance may change at short notice, so please check this page regularly.

All face-to-face Bookbug Sessions are currently cancelled, including outdoor sessions. This applies to all sessions that bring families from different households together. We are currently reviewing the scientific evidence and guidance from the Scottish Government around group activities and singing and will update you when sessions can resume.

However, we would like to clarify our position on Bookbug for (this will open in a new window)the Home activities, where a practitioner is engaging with individual families on a one-to-one basis. Anyone engaging with more than one family at one time should adhere to the forthcoming Bookbug Sessions guidance.

This guidance is intended to support the safe delivery of Bookbug for the Home, if you are allowed to in your area. Please refer to the Scottish Government COVID-19 guidelines for your area at all times, along with the health and safety policies for your own organisation. In many cases this may mean that it is not possible to run in-person Bookbug for the Home actitvies at all. We will continue to monitor national guidance and update information relating to Bookbug for the Home activities as and when required. You should monitor guidance for your local area and ensure your knowledge is up to date.

Engaging families virtually or remotely

If you are engaging families virtually or remotely via digital means, there are no Coronavirus risks.


All face-to-face activities are undertaken at the practitioner's own risk. If you are meeting up with families face-to-face you will need to make sure you comply with:

We strongly advise that you carry out a health and safety risk assessment and think about how you can mitigate the risks to yourself and the families you are working with. Some specific safety precautions you might want to consider when delivering Bookbug for the Home activities are:

Scottish Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance

Please visit the Scottish Goverment website(this will open in a new window) for the most up to date advice around Coronavirus in Scotland.

"A number of activities for children including singing, are known to have many benefits. However, singing, especially in large groups, is considered a higher risk activity at present because of the potential for aerosol production and the absence presently of developed scientific analysis to assess this specific risk." From Coronavirus (COVID-19): organised activities for children: Drama and music(this will open in a new window)

“However, the sub-group recognises that children sing naturally in the course of activities and play, and should not be discouraged from doing so, and that singing can also be used to comfort young children when necessary.” From Coronavirus (COVID-19): early learning and childcare (ELC) services: Singing, music and drama(this will open in a new window)

Further support

We have range of resources available to support you with delivering Bookbug during the Coronavirus pandemic, including webinars and training, ideas for online sessions and the Song and Rhyme Library.

If you have any questions or comments please contact the Early Years team at bookbug@scottishbooktrust.com(this will open in a new window)