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Bookbug's birthday message from the First Minister

In this very special message the First Minister celebrates 10 years of Bookbug, and explains why it's so important to share stories, songs and rhymes together with our children​.

This message was kindly recorded by the First Minister for Scottish Book Trust before the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdown measures.


Birthday message transcript

"Since it was launched ten years ago, Bookbug has provided well over 6 million books to children across Scotland. Last year alone more than 600,000 parents and children took part in dedicated Bookbug Sessions, and of course, thanks to professionals working across our country, thousands of other families took part in Bookbug activities. That’s a fantastic achievement. The activities Bookbug promotes help families to bond, they help children to develop: providing them with language learning and social skills that will benefit them throughout their entire lives. And of course, reading, storytelling and singing are a source of deep joy and pleasure for children and adults alike. 

So as we celebrate this anniversary I want to congratulate all of the parents, children, carers, and professionals who have taken part in Bookbug over the past decade. And I want to thank Scottish Book Trust for the fantastic work it does to deliver the programme and I very much look forward to another ten years of success for Bookbug as we help many, many more children to discover the joy of stories."