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Full list of Bookbug training courses

Scottish Book Trust offers funded training courses to support early years professionals and volunteers to make sure that stories, songs and rhymes are part of every baby and young child’s life.

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Our highly rated training is a blend of practical activities, group discussions and up-to-date research and policy information, with a fun and relaxed approach.

About our Bookbug training courses

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, Scottish Book Trust are postponing all training sessions and are not planning to arrange any new training dates at the moment. Please read Scottish Book Trust's statement for more information. Webinars will continue to take place. Please sign up to our 'Working with Bookbug' newsletter(this will open in a new window) to be alerted when new training dates are available.

Read about our training courses and click the highlighted links for more information on each course.

All the Bookbug training, providing that you meet the eligibility criteria, is funded and offered at no cost to the delegate. Please check to make sure the course is relevant to your role and that you meet the eligibility criteria before registering for a course. If you would like further information, please contact us on 0131 524 0179 or bookbug@scottishbooktrust.com(this will open in a new window)

Bookbug for outreach work with families

Bookbug for the Home: For professionals or volunteers working one-to-one or in small groups with families who would benefit from extra support with song, rhyme and book sharing. Click the course name for more information.

Refresher training: Bookbug for the Home: For Bookbug for the Home Practitioners who want to further develop the skills and knowledge. Click the course name for more information.

Bookbug for Foster Carers, Kinship Carers and Adoptive Parents: An adapted version of Bookbug for the Home for those who care for children who are looked after, in care or adopted. Click the course name for more information.

Bookbug Bag gifting training

Bookbug Explorer Bag Webinars: For staff in early years settings or libraries who would like to develop their Bookbug Explorer bag gifting events to engage parents and children. Click the course names for more information.

Supporting literacy in the early years

Music and Early Literacy: Using musical activities to support language and literacy development. For anyone who is working with children aged 0-5 years who would like to understand how music supports literacy. Click the course name for more information.

Bringing Picture Books to Life: For anyone working with groups of children aged 3-5 years who would like to develop the way they read picture books aloud with them. Click the course name for more information..

Running Bookbug Sessions for groups

Bookbug Session Leader: For professionals or volunteers who wish to run free 30-minute Bookbug Sessions (stories, song, and rhyme sessions) with groups of children under five and their parents or carers. A version of this training is available for those who wish to run Bookbug Sessions in Gaelic. Click the course name for more information on how to apply.

Refresher training: Bookbug Session Leader: For existing Bookbug Session Leaders who want to continue to improve their Bookbug Sessions, increase parent and child participation and encourage a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can participate. Click the course name for more information.

Bookbug overview for health staff

Bookbug overview for health staff: For Health Visiting or Midwifery teams and other health staff who work directly with families during pregnancy or in the early years (0-5). This course also includes Baby and Toddler bag gifting best practice. Click the course name for more information.

Bookbug shared practice events

Bookbug shared practice events: a Bookbug shared practice event is an opportunity for local Bookbug practitioners to come together to share ideas and good practice and to make connections. Click the link above for more infomation.

Introduction to Bookbug for students

We are not currently offering student sessions as we are developing an online version of this course. Sign up for our 'Working with Bookbug' newsletter(this will open in a new window) to be alerted when this course is available.

Applying for a Bookbug training course

Click the course names above to view our upcoming training sessions and apply for a place! Anyone who meets our eligibility criteria for the course is welcome to apply for any of these training sessions.

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Please note, in order to make best use of our funding, we are only able to offer a very limited number of in-house training sessions for specific groups of professionals, in certain geographical locations. We would strongly encourage organisations who would like their staff to be trained to apply for places in one of our open training sessions.