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Gaelic Bookbug Bag videos

Watch our films of families enjoying the books from their Bookbug bags and you will see that there's no right or wrong way to share books with your child. The main thing to remember is to have fun!

Video Can Halò Mar Seo (Say Hello Like This) by Mary Murphy

This book is all about having fun with the animal voices. Use your best silly voices like the dad in this video, and enjoy your child’s reaction. This is a great book to read with children of different ages. Notice how the dad engages both of his sons with his animal noises, and although the baby is not yet able to mimic his dad's sounds like his older brother, he is happy to hold the pages of the book and listen. What’s most important is this family is having fun sharing a book together.

Video Gìog Ort Air An Tuathanas (Peekaboo Farm) by Emily Bolam

Peekaboo Farm is a bright and attractive book. The big flaps and sturdy board are perfect for small hands to handle. Like the auntie in this video, give your baby lots of time to explore the pages, practice opening and closing flaps, and turning the pages.

Remember that you don’t have to read the book exactly as it’s written. Talk about the different animals on the page and follow your baby’s interests. Once you’ve read the book, you could keep the farm animal theme going by singing Old MacDonald.

Video Oidhche Mhath Tractar (Goodnight Tractor) by Michelle Robinson, illustrated by Nick East

This gentle, rhyming book is an excellent bedtime story. A bedtime story is an important part of helping children to relax and encouraging them to sleep well.

Children will quickly become familiar with the text and be able to read along with you. The mum in this video gives her son time to help with the rhyming words at the end of each page. This will help him to become familiar with the story, as well as the idea of rhyming words. Notice how she also points to some of the words in the book as she reads them - this is a great thing to do because it helps children to start to recognise words.