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Bookbug Baby Bag 2019 videos

Watch our films of families enjoying the books from their Bookbug bags and you will see that there's no right or wrong way to share books with your child. The main thing to remember is to have fun!

The Bookbug Baby Bag books

Every child in Scotland will receive a Bookbug Baby Bag, including copies of Baby Says Peekaboo!, All About Spot and One Sleepy Night. You will receive your Bookbug Baby Bag from your health visitor when your baby is 3-5 weeks.

Video Baby Says Peekaboo! by DK

The baby in this video is really excited to join in and play along with her mum. She coos, wriggles and squeals with excitement before her mum turns the flap. You can always read it more than once - babies love it and you’ll be tired of it long before they will. After you’ve read the book, you can hide behind it and join in a game of peek-a-boo with your wee one. It’s always a favourite game!

Video One Sleepy Night by Sebastien Braun

The cosy bedtime story is a perfect way to wind down or spend a few quiet moments together. Dad reads the story in such a calming way, speaking slowly and clearly to help his wee one catch the words and also giving him a chance to look at the pictures. Look closely, and you’ll see how much the baby enjoys the pictures, and how dad uses his voice to engage him. It’s lovely to see the whole family sharing this book together. It’s a short and simple book, so don’t forget you can always read it more than once.

Video All About Spot by Eric Hill

This classic picture book is a favourite! You can see how much baby Esme loves sharing this Spot book with her mum. She is really looking at the pictures and even joins in by cooing and gurgling along. It’s a lovely short book, so mum takes the chance to read it more than once. Re-reading favourite books is a great way to develop vocabulary and understanding of the story. The book has a simple rhythm and both mum and baby are really enjoying this fun Spot book.