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The Bookbug Picture Book Prize Shortlist

Explore the shortlist for the Bookbug Picture Book Prize 2020!

Bookbug and the Book Bus

These gorgeous picture books will be gifted to each Primary 1 pupil in Scotland - look out for them in this year's Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bag.

Voting for the Bookbug Picture Book Prize is now closed. You can still find out more about each of the books below, explore the resources, and we'll announce the winner on Wednesday 29 January 2020!

Sophie Johnson: Unicorn Expert

By Morag Hood, illustrated by Ella Okstad

Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert by Morag Hood and Ella Okstad

Sophie Johnson is an endearing new picture book character, who is just bursting with information and knowledge that she is keen to pass on. She's a self-confessed unicorn expert (among other things) and has dressed up her toys and pets with their own unique horns. Strange then, that she doesn't seem to notice the real unicorn who has come into her house...

Watch Morag Hood read Sophie Johnson: Unicorn Expert

The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears

By Alastair Chisholm, illustrated by Jez Tuya

The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears cover image

When it’s time for Jamie’s bedtime story, his dad begins to tell an age-old fairy tale about a prince in a faraway land full of dragons, wolves and princesses in distress. But inquisitive Jamie can’t help but add to his dad’s story, and the prince is soon joined by an evil-eyed witch who turns people to jelly, a broccoli-wielding ninja frog and a jewel-thief, lock picking princess.

It may not be the story Dad set out to tell, but together, he and Jamie create something much more energetic and hilarious than they could have alone.

Watch Alastair Chisholm read The Prince and the Witch...

The Station Mouse

By Meg McLaren

Maurice is the Station Mouse, and so he must follow The Station Mouse Handbook rules:

  1. Rule 1: A Station Mouse must remain unseen.
  2. Rule 2: A Station Mouse must never go out in the daytime.
  3. Rule 3: A Station Mouse must never approach the passengers.

Now, there's a reason why these rules exist: people do not like mice. And if Maurice breaks the rules, even to help a little boy who has lost something very important, there's going to be a price to pay…

Watch Meg McLaren read The Station Mouse