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Authors Live: Chae Strathie

Tune in to watch Chae Strathie talk about his series, So You Think You've Got It Bad, and find out about the lives of children through history.

A headshot of Chae Strathie surrounded by the covers of 6 books from the 'So You Think You've Got it Bad?' series.

Join hilarious and award-winning Scottish children's author, Chae Strathie, as he takes a look at world history through the eyes of children and discusses his series So You Think You've Got It Bad.

Fans of history, jokes and storytelling alike will love this event - a brilliant and unique way to learn about civilisations from across the world, from Ancient Egypt, to the Romans, to the Medieval period and more. Discover what the lives of children were like when your ancient ancestors walked the earth!

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Date: Thursday 16 March

Time: 11–11:40am

Age range: P3–7