Winter at Oak Nook with Ben Sunderland

Friday 18 November | 18:30-19:30

Oban Panel event / author reading, Spoken word / performance poetry / slam, Storytelling Adults

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01631 701921

Join musician and writer Ben Sunderland for an atmospheric, festive evening of spoken word and song.

Winter at Oak Nook

The Oak Nook series of audio stories is a creative exploration for young and old imaginations alike. With illustration by Andrew Barrington, the stories combine narrative with music and visual form. The Oak Nook Woods are the setting for three instalments of the series so far that sees a close-knit community of animals overcome the trials and challenges thrown at them during the forest’s long cold winters. Drawing on themes of inclusion, community and acceptance, join Ben for a live narration and Q&A about the cosy winter world of Oak Nook.

Author Ben Sunderland

Ben Sunderland is a musician and writer from the Scottish Highlands. A solo artist and creator, his work is punctuated by regular collaboration with artists from a variety of other creative disciplines. Growing up in rural Scotland, Ben's early writing was as influenced by the dramatic landscape that surrounded him as it was by the records and books he would find in the family home. These sparked an early fascination with song and narrative, establishing an exploration into how tone and voice could be weaved into not just the fabric of a project but the very creation of it too. Working across the mediums of music, story and video, Ben’s work increasingly focuses on the instances where two or all of these crossover - with a particular interest in how the attributes of each enhance the audience’s imagination further.

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£3 per adult, children free.

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The Rockfield Centre

Rockfield Brae

PA34 5DQ

The Rockfield Centre have an accessible entrance on the ground floor, suitable for wheelchairs. The Rockfield Centre has a lift to rooms on the first floor.

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01631 701921

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