Soundwalk with The Bard of the Birds

Sunday 20 November | 11-13:00

Spoken word / performance poetry / slam, Storytelling, Workshop

Free (ticketed)

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As dark winter is approaching, The Bard of the Birds invites you to join her for a new music and storytelling experience where you will experience your surroundings in a new way.

Whether you live in the city or countryside your days are getting shorter, and nature is colouring her greenery in brown and grey, and sharing echoes of sunlight and birdsong. It can be easy to miss the beauty of these details.

The event starts on Zoom with an introduction from The Bard of the Birds. You will then be invited to take a walk (approx. 45 min) around your area. You don't need to travel to any particular location.

On your walk, you will listen to a soundtrack which will give you various instructions to follow and invites you to pay attention to particular details. Guided by the Bard of the Birds you will be asked to collect impressions, thoughts, ideas, colours, shapes, or even objects you find along your walk. When you return from your walk, we will meet you back on Zoom and invite you to share your experiences with us.

The event duration is approx. 90 minutes.

The soundtrack will feature poems and stories by Dawn Wood, nature-inspired music by Ruta Vitkauskaite, Gemma McGregor, and Emily Doolittle, performed by clarinettist Joanna Nicholson and violist Katherine Wren with electronic sounds by Ellie Cherry and sound design by Chris Adams.

This event is supported by Creative Scotland, Sound Aberdeen, and Book Week Scotland.

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