Ginger and Me

Tuesday 15 November | 14-15:00

Airdrie Panel event / author reading Adults

Free (unticketed)

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Lanarkshire writer, Elissa Soave, has just published her debut novel Ginger and Me. Elissa is visiting to talk about her book and her inspirations for writing it.

Set in Elissa's home town of Uddingston, the coming of age mystery novel tells the story of local bus driver Wendy who befriends a teenager but doesn't realise how much trouble she's about to get herself in. It is a story firmly located in Lanarkshire and readers will recognise their home area from the references to the Tunnock's factory and Wendy's bus journeys around Viewpark and Birkenshaw.

Elissa told Lanarkshire Live : "It's all set in Uddingston. Wendy, the protagonist, lives in Birkenshaw and drives the bus round the local area. You see a lot of places like Birkenshaw and Viewpark. I really wanted to put working class women centre stage, because there's a lot of books about working class men, so I really wanted to write a story about women because I don't think you see that generally. I want them to drive the story. I wanted it to be in a local place because local people have just as much as a story to tell."

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