Long Covid: the Story of the Second Pandemic With Writer Lesley Macniven

Wednesday 17 November | 19-20:00

Panel Event / Author Reading Adults

Free (ticketed)

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Lesley Macniven was a non-fiction writer and Equality Campaigner working on an eagerly awaited Graphic Novel 'This Woman's Work' when she caught Covid-19 in March 2020. Many people infected in this first wave were pulled off course. Lesley took on a new role – couch-based activist – seeking recognition, research and rehabilitation for Long Covid: a new condition first identified and named by patients. While precise numbers are impossible to quantify, there are 'hunners' of us in Scotland and globally. Many call it the 'Second Pandemic'. Roughly a third are now disabled; ill for over one year – a year of waking up with fatigue, brain fog, breathlessness and no answers as to the cause or when we will recover.

Join Lesley to celebrate patients who went looking for answers, challenged bias about invisible illness and disability, and hear voices previously drowned out by sirens. Put pen to paper to 'reconnect' our brains through creativity and support our healing. Join us as an ally as we narrate and celebrate what we have learned in Long Covid; the second pandemic.

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