Modern Chants

Sunday 21 November | 16-17:30

Paisley Spoken Word / Performance Poetry / Slam, Storytelling, Workshop

Free (ticketed)

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Modern Chants is a new virtual music and storytelling experience. As Scotland descends into dark Winter, your imagination might get awoken to the nature forces, goddesses and spirits that once ruled these beautiful lands. Following the persona of The Cailleach, who appears as an ancient Celtic Goddess, a wise-woman healer, an otherworldly old crone, you will venture deep into Gaelic Irish and Scottish and Old Norse imagery. The landscape of The Cailleach will unfold in a place before music and language were separate. You will be immersed in poems and stories by Dawn Wood and in music sounds inspired by winds, lochs, birds, bagpiping and the language of canntaireachd (composed by Rūta Vitkauskaitė, Gemma McGregor, and Emily Doolittle). You will hear clarinettist Joanne Nicholson and violist Katherine Wren playing for you, and will be invited to actively take part in music through digital instructions, if you wish.

We welcome audiences of all ages and backgrounds. If you have assessibility requirements, please get in touch with us. This is a child-friendly event.

The project is a collaboration of composer Rūta Vitkauskaitė with clarinettist Joanna Nicholson (former Story Specialist, Scottish Book Trust), violist Katherine Wren (Nordic Viola), poet-storyteller Dawn Wood (Templar Poetry); composers Gemma McGregor (Orkney Islands), and Emily Doolittle (Research Department at the RCS), supported An Lanntair (Outer Hebrides), and Sound (Aberdeen).

The project is funded by Creative Scotland, and PRS Foundation's Open Fund for Music Creators.

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